This Just Killed the Future of Electric Cars


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“Can you imagine the power drain on the grid when everyone plugs in their car at 5:30 after work?” AZMike

“We can’t even maintain normal roads now we’re making roads that charge your EV? 🤔🙄” Chris Farmer


  1. Nothing like charging your car at a place for two hrs. If you can find charging stations on the turnpike how many other will be trying to do the same. If two or three cars in front of you you could be waiting 3-6 hrs to get back on the road. If charging in a rural stop you will be using the diesel generator to charge. Great trade off and still the wait issue. Since tires wear out faster due to extreme weight of elec car and tires can’t be recycled, they are sold to companies to dispose of which is usually burying the worn out tires. Great for drinking water aquifers? If all fossil fuels are banned how will you make the car? Plastics from petro, metal from coal as well as thousands of other must haves from petro in manufacturing. This entire green movement from wind to solar is just not possible at this time. Kinda like saying after Ford made the first model T you were required to shoot your horse even though not enough oil wells or distribution to run the model T was in place. Is green possible? Sure, but it’s not at this time. When they finally come up something who is going to pay for all those windmills that need steel to be built amd plastics to make solar panels, to be disposed of? Think past yoir ideology and come to reality before you destroy the economy

  2. I don’t have the answers, but I also have numerous questions about the electric car push. Such as, what is the possibility of such cars spontaneously igniting, or even exploding? Particularly in collisions. Collisions are not going to get rarer because the propulsion system is electric. What will the impact be on auto repair businesses? I have yet to see a thorough chart of the maintenance aspect of electric v. gas or diesel systems. How long will the electric battery in your car last? What will the impact be on selling it after it is four years old or more? There are many, many more unknowns about the new power systems, and likely each of you has a lot of questions about where we are headed.

  3. Folks, the push for electric cars has nothing to do with “Green”! It is all a plan by Government to get you away from petroleum fueled vehicles. Most electricity is generated by either Natural Gas or Coal. The Government has done everything possible to cause Gasoline and Diesel to cost more to push you towards Electric Cars. Once the Gas and Diesel vehicles are gone just wait till electricity prices go sky high because the Grand Plan is Public Transportation for all. This again isn’t about saving fuel, protecting us from Climate Change (which has been occurring since the beginning of time), but all about Government Control of you lives. You can’t just get into your vehicle and go where you desire. The Government can control where you live, where you work, and limit you ability to move to other parts of the country because you no longer have the means (your own vehicle) to get there. Open your eyes to the issues that have been going on for many years and have only sped up in the past 14 years.
    Watch out for the Smoking Mirrors that the Government continually has the Main Stream Media brainwash you with. It’s all about People Control and always has been. Think about it-What does Government want to do best-GOVERN?

  4. EV may be for U but not for Me. It’s just like a DemoRat. If Ur are a DemoRat U can Steal , Cheat , Brebi and Lie Ur self through an Election.

  5. These liberal politicians steeped in their ideology are the worst influence on the planet, their policies are definitely not well conceived, too much shortsightedness permeates their plan as well borne out by this article. I will copy and send to a few politicians on the right side of the equation hoping they will see it as fodder and hammer those pushing this disgusting agenda.. Thank you


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