Officers Killed in Ambush by Hidden Shooter



Oh damn. My condolences to the officers and their families.

I’m an EMT in the city of Bristol, Connecticut where our officers lost their lives. We are still healing and still in shock.
I clocked out for the day when the shooting took place and left work and back home like any other day. Waking up and hearing the news destroyed me and all of our colleagues. My coworkers that arrived on scene did their extreme best, but are extremely affected by what they’ve witnessed. EMS and police bonds between us is the strongest bond I’ve come across.
Donut, thank you for the video. I’ve been an avid viewer for a long time, and couldn’t believe it reached to this levels. Thank you for the respect and reviewing this matter, especially today when the whole state of Connecticut paid respect in a memorial early this afternoon.


  1. This is the 21st century. Where did those police officers come from? I thought they were all defunded. Aren’t they supposed to sneak up on the shooter, read him his rights, handcuff him, and take him to the nearest mental institute? And then let him go after 3 months?

  2. Guess these dumb azz’s don’t realize how things will be after the Republicans take over again. The democrats wont be able to protect you anymore. And the police will come back twice as hard to get you for your lawlessness. As they should for your stupid actions. What the hell is wrong with yall for acting in this crazy way. All this for a party that doesn’t give a rats azz about you. In the end they will through you under the bus like their starting to do to Biden. He wore out his usefulness. They don’t need him anymore. What makes you think they will see you in a different light ??? Your fooling yourself thinking you make a difference to them. Your not one of their rich country club click members. Your a doormat, nothing more. Don’t say you weren’t warned. You are right now . Good luck, your gonna need it.


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