Kevin McCarthy And Mitch McConnell EMBARRASS Themselves Tap Dancing Over Trump, Ye & Fuentes Dinner!



You are spot on about everything you said, Greg! These weak leaders continue to play into the democrat’s game. We must drain the swamp.

First and foremost, thank you Greg!!!! I love seeing this type of anger from a conservative. Wish I saw more of this!!!! It’s time for Republicans to get pissed off and get louder than these Democrats. I’ve been saying this for awhile now. There is no passion outrage on this side of the aisle. The passion only shows up when we look to Trump. We should already have passion and be unapologetic about it and stop looking to Trump, Desantis, MTG, Lake to be that for us. We need to be that inspiration for ourselves. I’m really surprised that there hasn’t been protests from the Republicans in the streets. It’s time to stop being compliant and turning the other cheek, it’s time to put the pressure on these mofos like Greg said.
P.s. – Never apologize to the woke mob.


  1. This is why Mitch the bitch shouldn’t even be in the senate and McCarthy is just another Californian, like ugly old cement face hag Pelosi.

  2. You are 100% spot on, your language may not be the so called “politically correct” style but what does that really matter when you are right on the issue.

  3. I’m just going to say it like you, WHO the FUCK is nick Fuentes? I have no clue. President Trump has dined with the leaders of CCP, leaders of the Middle East. These are some bad Dudes.

  4. If cocaine mitch, and backstabbing,rhino,mccarthy are put back in leadership,u will never win another election,guaranteed, Both are spineless,incompetent, leaders who have just hurt the party, and were the cause of losing the mid=terms, not trump.U repukes better wise up, or this party, is totally doomed without Trump voters,u better let that sink in,losers.The american people are getting fed up with your incompetence, and screwing the american people over.

  5. President Trump is the only president to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Let’s not forget the Abraham Accords. You know who is a HUGE anti Jew? Obama and his Iran nuclear deal. Remember when he once spoke to Netanyahu on the phone and prop his shoes on top of his desk showing disrespect to Netanyahu. JERK Biden as an Obama puppet with the Afghanistan debacle, has given the Taliban the weapons worth billions to destroy Israel. And these IDIOTS are crying wolf over spilled milk- Trump having dinner with Fuentes and Kanye. WHO CARES!


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