Kamala Makes a Ridiculous Statement While Fiddling with Her Hair…


Image from video below…

GOP War Room – Kamala Harris: “There’s Nothing About [Abortion] That Will Require Anyone To Abandon Their Faith”

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There are many people of faith who would like to know by what authority she has to make this statement, other than her own arrogance. Anytime something troubles our conscience ( and I speak as an agnostic), shouldn’t we at least consider those thoughts before acting on them?? It’s more than people of faith who find abortion without limits as troubling.

What would she know about faith? Having an affair with a married for success then betraying him – sounds like a great woman of God

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  1. When this ex porno star isn’t fiddling with the hair on her head, she’s fiddling with the hair between her legs. Got a bad case of the crabs all over her body, but that’s what happens when a person jumps from one bed to another strictly for gaining power and status.

  2. Finally, and just in time for 1892. Another forum for throwbacks. Please, tell me how your religious beliefs qualifies you to dictate to me. Backward and hypocritical. Look what your god has done for us all for recorded history.


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