Just More Proof This Isn’t About Inclusiveness It’s About Forced Compliance


Seven players from the Manly Sea Eagles team in Australia will not play the next National Rugby League match due to refusing to wear Pride Night jerseys. The players cited religious…


Just more proof this isn’t about inclusiveness it’s about forced compliance.

It just never stops. The whole month of June is not enough and that alone is too much. This stuff is pushed on us all year.


  1. This really has to STOP!!! No one should have to be force to appease the 3% population of LBGTQ TRANS what ever the hell their called!!! They don’t support our Country our flag GOD etc…..

  2. Why is the choice to be gay more important then these players choice of what to wear?

    Why do the players have to honor the choice to be gay. It does not make any sense.

  3. Anyone who wears a stupid jersey like that is calling themselves a FAG! I don’t blame those players for refusing to wear such disgusting crap.

    • Damn Straight!!! I would quit before I wore one for anybody! I have my PRIDE to but it surely isn’t freaking Gay Pride!! I believe in the Bible and the Bible says THOU SHALT NOT!!!!

  4. I’ve stopped eating at McDonald’s and Burger King because of their support and promotion of sexual deviancy. Unfortunately, pretty much every bank, home improvement and grocery store also supports this perversion, so I’m kinda stuck. I also cancelled my phone plan that included Amazon prime since Amazon now pays for abortion related expenses, including travel to another state.

  5. Every special interest group has for some sick reason dominated our politics today. My right to choice has been removed in order to bend to those who are in warped, aberrant segments of society. The more outrageous they are the more accolades they receive from the woke. I have no right whatsoever to associate with my own. I prefer my own culture, my own customs , my own music, food, dress, etc. It just happens to be European It is obvious that they practice their cultures as well. But that is NOT allowed for the majority. I must welcome, bow to and pretend that all that I find repulsive is now promoted and forced on me and my offspring. . WHY?? Backlash is coming. It is here. I never paid attention one way or another to these folks. Now I have to be aware of their inability to function without climbing on my back and down my throat in order to force some sick, weird agenda. A person they detest as privileged, What about MY RIGHTS? Oh, that’s right. We have none left.

  6. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. When will these faggots understand that they are sick in the head and to try to promote their sickness is a sin. I would not let a homo in my outfit because I would not trust his judgement on the field with other straight guys.


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