Joe Biden Now Wants To Limit Your Self-Defense Ammo Based On Recreational Justification



I’m getting really sick of people not doing anything. Public officials are legally able to be harassed. Relentlessly and personally. So long as physical harm does not occur. Like, barricading them on their property.

100 rounds is not recreational. It’s for defense against tyranny


  1. There is no justification for having Joe Biden anywhere near the White House. The man is totally incompetent and continues Obama’s divisive vindictiveness.

  2. OK, Jellyballs, why don’t you go from house to house to house , every house in America,, and search it. NO? You will NEVER take our guns or ammo, NEVER. You don’t have that many cops or IRS employees. Its whack – a -mole. You come, we hide them. you leave, we still have it all. And no its not for hunting. Its to protect US against YOU… Like the constitution allows.

  3. I’m sure all these restrictions on the abilities of the American people to protect their lives and freedoms of Tyranny and self serving politicians have gotten brownie points for the Bidens from the communist Chinese! Watch for him to get a big payoff now from the Chinese for working towards selling us out!

  4. Biden has been told 67 times that his rulings were unconstitutional. here he is doing it again.

  5. Biden needs to go beforehand totally destroys America. This Cognitively diminished Clown who calls himself the 46th President needs to be IMPEACHED immediately. This Clown doesn’t even know where he is 90% of the time. He acts more and more, like a Third World Dictator, rather than an American President. People in America 🇺🇸 are tired of this Clowns attacks on the Middle and Lower Class Taxpayers on a Daily basis. Remove BIDEN today under the 25th Amendment.

  6. OK, poopypants senile stupid Joe. How about YOU set an example and limit your armed secret service protection to just one agent with no more than 6 rounds for his .22 revolver. You won’t do it, will you? FUCK OFF you cowardly pile of worthless cheating bag of runny shit. You and your dummycrat party are the main reason we have the 2nd amendment in place. You’re all a bunch of 2 bit wannabe Hitlers/Stalins. The only way you’ll disarm me is pull the weapon out of my cold dead hands.

  7. So Biden proposed legislation that would mandate that there be no more than 8 bullets in a round? Not bullets in a magazine. Not rounds in a magazine. But no more than 8 bullets in a round? Given that level of knowledge on his part…oh, heck: that’s his level of knowledge on anything.


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