Jerry Nadler SHOCKED When Chip Roy Explains What 2nd Amendment Is For


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– Rep. Chip Roy just left Jerry Nadler literally “shocked” when he explained what the 2nd amendment is for.

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It’s not the politicians job to protect us! It’s their job to protect our Constitutional Rights!

Two questions for Nadler, “Why are you so shocked that the 2nd amendment gives us the power to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government? Is that your plan to use our own brethren against us?” Sounds a bit seditious if you ask me.

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  1. Jerry Nadler the Countries LARGEST HIPPOCAMPUS needs to be put on Display in the Washington D C ZOO !
    So everyone can see what a LAZY Lard A-hole looks and act’s like.

  2. THANK YOU Mr. Roy!!! Any INTELLIGENT American knows this is true!! Our 2nd Amendment was put in place not just for Americans to be able to protect themselves, their homes and families but to protect us from the government!! They should make even a feeble attempt to read and understand the Constitution (if they can indeed read, since it is apparent they have never even scanned the document before) and if they still cannot fathom the intentions of the Founding Fathers, then they deserve nothing but our utter contempt!!

  3. Nadler is “SHOCKED?” Since Nadler has been in Congress since dirt was discovered, he should recall this from Dr. Susanna Hupp:

    Dr. Susanna Gratia Hupp testimony before Congress

    Even if he wasn’t there at the time, he should review this testimony, paying close attention to what Dr. Hupp believes the dastardly 2nd Amendment was meant to “protect!” He should recognize his cohort in crime, Senator Schumer, listening(?) with what looks to be a condescending scowl on his face.

    One other excellent testimony before congress is a worthy listen:

    Dianna Muller’s “I Will Not Comply” Statement before Congress


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