Brandon has literally helped everyone else on the planet on everything EXCEPT the Americans
Let’s go Brandon!!! #FJB

John kirby always has the expression of someone witnessing a parent beating their kid in public


  1. Biden has turned the USA into a JOKE in front of the entire globe. Most of the world doesn’t accept the WOKE policies that he parades out there as the New World Order. Gee, why would the rest of the world take ANY country seriously when the people in high positions steal womens luggage and wear makeup and dresses when there is a penis in their shorts, or why would they respect the military when there is a man in a womans uniform at a podium ie… Rachael Levin.. OMG? We have become a freak show to more serious, hungy, desperate people who have REAL issues, like drought, starvation, communism.. Meanwhile, Jelly Balls Joe and his crime family sell the USA out to China while allowing them to surveil our military bases from a balloon, the Mexicans/ South Americans able to poison our people with Fentanyl, and the smallest percentage of deviates/ BLM in our country take over and rule it with their bullsht. He has cowered before the world like a whipped slave and put our the entire world as we know it at huge risk. He has done more damage in 2 years that WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan have ever done… HE IS ROTTING US FROM WITHIN

    • I agree with a lot of what you said, but you left out the fact that the republican party is also to blame for the mess old poopypants senile stupid Joe has put this country in. The election was stolen and the evidence is there to prove it but the wimpy republican party just let it happen and say, “we’ll get them on the next election.” Here came the mid terms and even though the republicans did take back the House, they rolled over and let the dummycrat election fraud dominate the Senate races. There should’ve been at least a 2 seat majority in the Senate for the republicans.

      • So, what else could they have done to prevent the “theft” as it was happening? Not being snarky, just asking for opinions. How much plowing through the governmental machines in each individual state would it take to reverse a national election when there are too many Blue states? Jan 6th was one more fiasco that went nowhere , except to put the USA on the world stage, on every TV news show on earth, as a divided, unstable , weak , and crumbling force in the world with some guy in a costume with horns, face paint and his pants down to his pubic bone , bare from the waist up. WTH was that about?. We expect to see crap like that in China, India and of course France, but the USA has always put forth the image of strength, UNITY, leadership and being fierce. This was a dead give-away that we are not what we present ourselves to be. It was our public Achilles Heel. The big bump in the road that was one way for them to get control over Joey after the loss, was when someone leaked the Supreme Court reversing Roe v Wade and that was a pivotal point.It backfired. If the Right had control of the House AND the Senate, Joey’s hands would be better tied. Even Kansas turned on the Right over that ONE issue. They grabbed up women’s and Independent votes. Tell me , What else could Trump, the Republicans have done? Start a civil war? At what point could they have intervened in the National election and in the state elections? I do believe that Kari Lake got screwed royally and something should have been done, but that was sooo obvious and very local. One thing that would greatly help the Right is to stop with the infighting, the juvenile name calling, and the public persona of being easily divided. The Dems are loving Trump calling down De Santis. And for many it does make a great reality show, but this is not scripted TV garbage like Naked and Afraid, or the Bachelorette, this is our future.

    • The Biden crime family is out for only 2things…first to get as much as they can take… From us second to destroy the American life..the democrats want the American people to put there heads in the sand… Make us live on our knees so they can control our way of living..I’m a Marine Vet I will not live like that…I fought for American way of life and for my brothers and sisters (Marines)..I don’t mind bleeding for what is right, I’ve did it once before..and will do it again if need be…(GOD BLESS AMERICA)

  2. America isn’t the joke of the world, Biden and the far left running things are the joke. The smart people know and try to stop the lies and corruption of the far left democrat party. But to many stupid people still belive in the democrats or should I say they belive in the power they get by backing the far left democrats. Lies and corruption are the tools the far left democrats. The world laughs at the far left democrats for bring the greatest country to its knees from with in . And we sit and watch. Maybe we are the stupid ones for doing nothing to save our country.

    • Oh, its not? Well , lets see. After the” Senile Mummy” took over, every third world force out there has been emboldened. Putin going after Ukraine, China floating balloons over OUR ( RED, BLUE and PURPLE states) country to spy, while Joe sits with his thumb up his butt “on the advice” of the Generals? What? What’s up with our Pentagon/Generals? They sat back and allowed this? And when Joey calls to scold Xi Jinping, they refuse to take his calls? OMG.. He IS the face of America to the outside world, LIberal/ Independent and Conservative alike. Mexico was asked to help out with the poison flowing across our southern border and their President tells us that it is OUR problem because we are the ones with the customers buying this sht? The invaders attack, steal from and destroy anyone on the borders of Texas. Az, NM, regardless of political affiliation. Come on, they are giving US… THE USA the Finger.not just Joey, but each , single one of US, yes Because of Biden, his WOKE crew and their policies, but we are all paying for it as Americans,and now Iran is bombing the hell out of our bases in Syria, North Korea is tossing missiles anywhere they can.. They are uniting against us. China and Russia are hooking up, China is buying up American Farm Land… Biden is not selling it to them, the farmer IS….. ARE we that insulated and trusting and STUPID? We can’t put down the screens to get our kids off of TikTok, as parents we cant say no to the little darlings?. WE, not Biden…. All those dumb ass Windmills/ windfarms off our eastern sea coast are put there by Europe – ie Germany.. ring a bell? You know.. the Nazi folks who once were determined to annihilate us? Some peasant in Eastern Europe, Asia, India, Africa or any other third world sht-hole has no concept of America or its polotics, other what is fed to them by their governments. When they land on our shores they are landing on AMERICAN sovereign land, not something that belongs to the Right or Left. THey see US, our resources and our collective STUPIDITY. They see the entire USA, all of us, our kids, our institutions as a very juicy, choice low hanging fruit, marinating in its own wokeness ready to be attacked , overtaken , dominated and eventually controlled by their New World Order. WE NEED TO GET RID OF the LEFT wing control and at least present a united front as a Conservative wing to save America. And stop with the threats from Trump if indicted, about protest, Death and Destruction.. JUST STOP giving the left ammunition.. They are loving it and it will do him NO good. The predators are watching America with no sense of the Left, Right or in between. They see dinner


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