He’s A Total Savage lol…!



Rush Limbaugh (RIP) once said: “There is nothing more entertaining than watching Liberals when they lose power.” As usual, he was right.

Hillary should really not talk out loud about “holding people accountable”..


  1. Should the American people be concerned? We have a President who can’t and won’t answer questions, about his judgement or decisions. We have a President who has been corrupted by the Chinese and Russian’s for his family taking large amounts of money for what? We have a President who is not taking advice from the professional military consultants, we have a President who has left our borders open for crime and virus, we have a President who every decision seems to go against the American way of life. We have a President who has caused loss of jobs, highest inflation in years, gas shortages, food shortages, supply shortages. We have a president who won’t take a fit to serve, medical examine ,we have a President who has lost all trust from our allies around the world, we have a President who can’t complete a thought without screwing it up, we have a Presidet who left Americans to an unjust fate with our enemy’s. We have a President who is still protected by the democrats knowing he lacks awareness for all his mental decisions. The swamp has won a big one here, but if they don’t move forward to have this National Security risk contained, we will not have a Country left.

  2. The wretched Hillary Clinton has never gotten over losing the 2016 election. She is a traitor to this nation and a liar of the highest order. If we had a genuine Dept. of Justice (instead of Injustice) she would have been indicted and tried. Seeing her serve a life sentence without parole would be pleasing.

  3. Just by looking at the face of Musk and ugly old horrible hag Hillary, I’d say the old vomit face female dog is the one who is a savage. Feel sorry for the folks that work in the nursing home that have to take care of this slimy old ugly hag.


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