He Hit The Nail On The Head Here


Airlines industry experts Michael Boyd and Misty Belles weigh in on flight cancellations and delays during the 4th of July weekend and post-COVID travel on ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto.’ #foxnews


He hit the nail on the head. I’m so tired of recordings or people who have accents so thick you can’t understand them. With what the airlines charge they should be more customer service oriented.

As demand for air travel returns to pre COVID levels, we are starting to see the problems created by scores of early retirements and layoffs because of refusal to be vaccinated. As an ATP pilot, i understand it takes about ten years to gain the ratings and experience to apply to a major airline. Higher wages won’t speed up the hiring process…major airline pilots are well paid. But, I’m ok with a raise. Unfortunately there is a diminishing pool of pilots. Airlines rely on ex military pilots, which are getting harder to find. Add to this, airline training capacity is limited. So, this is a long term problem.


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