Fauci’s Likely Replacement Is EVEN WORSE Than Fauci!



It is truly astounding how these people get into positions of power.

This dude strikes me as the type of guy who’s “career” is based off how easily he is controlled by the people who profit off the industry he works for.


  1. Was just watching a re-run of “JFK” on TV and this reminder of how gullible, stupid and malleable Americans can be is even more disturbing than those who front for the government.. We actually bought what was put out as the assignation of JFK as fact, when in reality none of it was even possible. The single bullet theory, the one shooter.. etc. Yes,, he was on the track to socialism, and even communism, but could have been dealt with, without killing him. . The back channels in our government run this country…. The FBI, CIA, Military are in control and have demonstrated again, by muzzling Jelly-Balls Joe over this balloon thing have let us know who is in charge. He ordered them to shoot it down and they gave him the finger and now he is mouthing what they told him to say.. “Danger on the Ground?” Ha… It would have made more sense to say that it may contain some new viral contaminant, than it could hit a barn in Montana… but Jelly-Balls went for it, complied with the Pentagon and now we have even more bllsht lies from the real Power behind Washington and it is not and NEVER WILL BE the President or the party in power… It is the Dark “Deep State” protected by layers and layers of lies, theater and media indoctrination and threats. . What is more disturbing yet, is that the new generation of sheep are even more susceptible to this … Come on, ya’ll.. Tell me some woke moron who thinks biological gender is changeable or debatable, is not going to buy some lame story about the defense of America. They are Clay… in the hands of the real power of the little man behind the curtain in this Brave New World of OZ!

    • he got shot when he crossed the mob. we weren’t as gullible as you suggest; we too didn’t want to fall out of a window, get run over, etc. etc.
      even us kids knew there was more than one shooter, or at least, someone else. assassins did not just start up in the last ten years, they started in at least b/4 Christ. i need to correct myself, when i said JFK crossed the mob, it was his dad. it was a totally different time, back then. stay safe. stay healthy. take care


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