Antifa Is BACK! … & They’re Really, Really Mad!! LOL



Musk – “we’re banning violent accounts”
Antifa – “we’ll solve this with violence”
Genius level IQ’s right there

Thank you Liberal Hivemind for your amazing work.


  1. I’m sure I come in contact with ANTIFA and BLM supporters’ members routinely when out in public. But they never reveal themselves unless they are masked and with a large group of their comrades. What does that tell you about them?

  2. Hmmm……sounds like I’d better go out in public armed again and have the guns at home locked and loaded, but on safe, and wait for the punks to try to come after me. I live in a stand your ground state so if one of those wimpy punks so much as puts it’s toe on my property I’ll respond will overwhelming fire power.

  3. Yawn Yawn the biggest group of whiny empty suits I’ve ever come across,I personally don’t ever go looking for trouble but I appear and carry myself in such a way that I get the your a Cop or a Fed or Narc nope just a Vet that didn’t let Himself go when I departed like too many of my Brothers.The recipe is always be prepared for the unexpected keep a pee shooter on you and last but not least -SANE-situational awareness no excuses You survive they don’t Don’t Get Dead.DUDA

  4. funny we do not get many of those Antifa types around here, they must not like steak on the hoof’ cotton on the stalk, lamb on the hoof, or wheat not made into cereal, or maybe it is the Work I’m up between 04:00 and 04:30 seven days a week, and in bed not later than ten pm. I’ll bet thats it, its the work, they would have no time to Riot and destroy stuff,…. and of course any neighbor who saw fire at all would kill them dead by beating out the fire with an antifa body, we don’t like fires around here.


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