God’s people are walking and praying around the Az voting center just like Joshua!
Amen Amen Amen

I’m running on pure faith baby! I’m good. The baddies are toast!


  1. At this point God is the only one who can set things right. The RINOs who run the republican party won’t make any attempt to correct the dummycrat fraud. Fire Mitch the bitch!

    • You are correct Wilddog. NOTE: We DO NOT and NEVER HAVE had a two party system. There are no (D) or (R). They ARE and always WILL BE a Uni-Party, that is out for themselves and to H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS with the people. The Uni-Party only cares about lining their pockets with our hard earned dollars due to money laundering through various foreign countries. NOTE: Look at the recent FTX debacle. We have been played since 1781, when the United States of America, which was bankrupt after the Civil War, in which both sides of that war was funded by the big bankers, was taken and turned it into the United States Corporation, which the bankers own. Every person’s name in the United States Corporation is owned by the big bankers who have made trillions of dollars off of our names. Until “We the People” rise up, fight and take back the U.S., the government and big bankers corruption will continue to run rampant.

  2. Biden couldn’t talk before the mid terms. He is walking around in La La land while Obama and his henchmen are running the country (into the ground.

  3. Don, a few weeks ago “The Kenyan” made a statement of how his perfect scenario was to have a plant who continued to carry out his goal to “fundamentally change” America. He was throwing sand in our citizens faces, as he has that stooge already. Mr Magoo get’s his marching orders from “Susan and Valerie”. He’s in control of nothing, as he’s highly compromised for going against the laws of this country: You don’t collect money on the side while being a public servant. And flying around the world with your son doing the dirty work for you on “our” jet, doesn’t give you a pass, either: “I know nothing about my son’s business deals”. And when one see’s this, others do it. Like Christopher Wray using the FBI jet to vacation in the Adirondacks. Has he paid for this fuel and pilots hours yet? Anybody. Hacked with the GAO? And how could Mayourka$$ authorize MaGoo to have a $500,000 security fence around his $1.8million vacation home in Rehoboth? As we heard, a local “Jim-Bob” in Sussex County got the job. Were 3 contract bids involved? Was any change leftover? If not, “We The People” got ripped off. He care’s about his security fence, but not ours! And yesterday Article 42 was dropped by a communist judge. Now these invaders can walk across and Border Patrol can’t stop them? Send down the 82nd Airborne and let them fire a few bursts into that river, that will stop them! Then send the rest back.

  4. The mid term election was rigged… The DemocRats are masters at rigging elections,, Now, lets hope the ROP set some election rigging traps? The News Media, same old corrupted(owned by the mob), Biden family corrupted , still running free, wrecking american, Biden is another Putin, just in a different form(ruling). Lawyers are running the whole world (judges are lawyers), we should never had two party system, as DemocRats and republicans , MONEY wins, read in the bible , the lawyer who tried to follow Jesus, but he could not, went back to his money and worldly material,,, the lake of fire will be full of Lawyers, death is promised to us all. Remember, God loves you,


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