Woke Students Run For The Cry Closet After Professor BLINDSIDES Them in CRUSHING Speech



I would take her art class, we need more professors who are willing to stand up against this crap…

Thank you. We need college professors/instructors to going back to actually ‘educating’ these ridiculous absconders of common sense…treat the crazies exactly how we use to…ignore them…or commit them. Not participating in ‘crazy’ just to make them feel better


  1. These entitled little low IQ brats finally had their a –es handed to them. Kudos to the instructor. She has what our society has relinquished to its infants… A “set”. It is about time that someone stood up to these children who have NO life experience, never paid their own way in the world and have contributed absolutely NOTHING to the rest of society. They are a burden at best and an impediment to REAL progress, at worst. They are building a resentment that will come back to kick them in the face. They have managed to obliterate the REAL problems in the world with their sniveling, artificial issues. My solution? Load them onto a ship, send them to any third world hell hole, like India, Ethiopia, the Sudan and let them find food, clean water, safety, health care. Or better yet.. reinstitute the Military draft. Make service to your country mandatory, whether an objector who serves in the Peace Corps, or a non- morbidly obese , non criminal who is inducted into the Army.. Let them taste the real world with real problems. Both men and women.. OH… did I offend anyone by using the wrong descriptor? Well, may I suggest you check inside your pants to establish the facts. Maybe by the time they retire they may actually have reached adulthood.

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