Why is the Media Calling the Ukrainian Surrender an ‘Evacuation’?


Image from video below…

The Jimmy Dore Show
– For 82 days Ukrainian soldiers occupied a steel works in the besieged city of Mariupol, but their defense has come to an end.

After destroying 2000 tanks and 2 million infantry each these brave heroes were evacuated to Moscow where they captured Put In and then released him to be sporting. They are now at an orphanage adopting orphans and kittens

They called the failed retreat of Afghanistan, the most successful airlift in history. Its all optics.

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  1. Just remember folks it was Trump who abandoned us by not defending our constitution. He is a coward who cut and ran from a stolen election. He gave the Left our country to destroy. It’s over folks, it’ll never come back thanks to Trump. People who think otherwise are living in La La Land.


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