‘Unprecedented’: Dept Of Justice To Face ‘scrutiny’ For FBI Raid On Trump’s House


Former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney says the FBI raiding former US president Donald Trump’s home is “unprecedented at very many levels”. “Knowing a little bit about how the Department of Justice works, knowing a little bit about Merrick Garland, this is not the type of thing it would have undertaken lightly,” he told Sky News Australia. “They know the political pressure they’re going to come under because of this, they know the scrutiny they’re going to come under because of this. “If they didn’t think they didn’t have it 100 per cent rock solid, I don’t think they’d be doing this.”


This is HARASSMENT!!! Get ready for some serious lawsuits!!!

If they can do this to President Trump just imagine what they can and will do to you! Yet Brandon and his son walk free and the establishment turns a blind eye!


  1. Patel: “We won’t be hearing anything about, oh this is too close to the Election to raid a former President’s house but it’s close enough to the Election to hold off John Durham’s indictments and a Hunter Biden prosecution.” no truer worgs were never spoken.

  2. In my almost 30 years as a police officer and detective I met only 2 that I liked. The rest of the them I put in the group as legends in their own minds. A couple examples are a couple bank robberies at the same bank in which I was the officer in that area. One was I gave out the description of the person. A little while later a local resident called the department and said that they had just seen a person crawling beneath the neighbor’s house. Another officer was sent to that area and found the person. I Told the office that I would take the bank employee there for identification. The FBI wanted the person to be brought to the bank. The dispatcher hit the mike and I could hear the captain cursing in the background as the dispatcher said “AND OUR OFFICE SAYS” because if they had allowed them to bring the person to the bank and it wasn’t the robber the officer could be charged with kidnapping.

  3. “2. Same bank. The morning after the robbery received a phone call from someone, don’t know who it was. Anyway, they told me that the person who had robbed the bank used the money to buy a vehicle, gave me the description of the vehicle and where it was going. Jumped into a patrol car and went to the area, saw the vehicle and stopped it, and took the driver into custody, parked the vehicle, and notified the car dealership it’s location. The money was returned to the bank and arrangements made for the money to be returned to the bank. The next day I got called to the office, the FBI wanted to talk to me. When I got there they asked me why I had arrested the person, they had a warrant. “So did I” was my response, as I had written the report and took it to the local DA’s office and had a warrant given to me.

  4. The FBI , DOJ and the CIA all need to see less Scrutiny and More Prison Time. IT’S Parasite Joey and his FAKE Administration that Also needs to see Some Prison Time.


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