Training Video of ARMED IRS AGENTS Leaks! (REACTION)


A training video of armed IRS agents has leaked and essentially gone viral on social media, especially on Twitter. The video features a group of these agents wearing vests that say “IRS-CID”…


I’m a combat veteran so all I’m going to say is that they are setting these people up for failure

I’m betting that if you are raided by a federal agent in a wheelchair and you don’t have a handicap accessible house you’ll also be charged with civil rights violations.


  1. HOW MANY AMERICANS HAVE NOTICED THE CHANGE SINCE BIG CITY MAYORS HAVE BEEN IN CHARGE? Zero bail, Soros appointed DA’S, De fund the police, democrat criminals have more rights then the tax payers, like let them go, no jail, no charges, Look at LA,CHICAGO, NY, What has happened to justice under democrat rule? MURDERS RATED OFF THE SCALE, crime is snoring, your tax dollars are being pissed away, Remember this at the mid terms, no law, no justice, more democrats, more corruption, you decide vote them out keep them out, impeach and jail all oath breakers.

  2. I believe this is a prelude to a national police force. Please recall the 8 years of the Obama disaster. One of his concepts was the creation of a national police force which, at the time, was dismissed as Fascist in nature. Biden is just a puppet of the Left and is manipulated by the likes of Obama et al. Don’t take this increase in IRS agents and the acquisition of millions of rounds of ammunition by the IRS lightly. As long as there are Democrats/Progressives in elected office at any level of government, our liberty is in danger.

  3. Joe biden his DOJ CIA IRS FBI hit squads don’t want to abide by the 4th amendment understanding,then those violations should be used against them after the mid terms for violation of their oath taken, fined and jailed


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