The REAL Reason Americans Continue To Vote For Different Parties


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– Patrick Bet-David Podcast Episode 164. In this short clip, Gad Saad, Patrick Bet-David, and Adam Sosnick discuss why Americans are always voting for different political parties.

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It’s because both parties have failed to do anything for the American people for the last 30 years.

We NEED a common sense party. The democrats and republicans use to be closer together. JFK would be a republican by today’s standards.

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  1. Listen up guys. All this discussion and rhetoric makes for interesting programming but is misleading. The two political parties have never in history been so polar opposites . Their separate political platforms are blatantly different! The Republicans are definitely not pure as the driven snow but the current Democratic Party has gone so left “woke” with departure from the values of the founding fathers with the strategy to fundamentally transform America (BHO) into a Godless nation on the order of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is crystal clear that evil is the driving force behind wicked leadership. When men like George Soros is funding so many left wing causes that are destroying the fabric of a moral and freedom loving nation then you must be blind to not see the end game. So though your rhetoric may get applause from some who are unaware of what is really happening which is the overthrow of this republic you are far from being spot on with your comments. Only the truth will set us free!

  2. Funny how so many can lose touch of reality so fast in life . Even tho they see how things stand they refuse to change and suffer like the rest of us because of their bad decisions . Iam not of any one party and think they should get rid of all party’s. You can see how they turn to corruption for the power. one should vote for the one that proves themselfs to work for the people and country first . They start out thinking like that till they see how things really work because of the older government officials who have things their way . Either your on board or your left out and nothing gets done for you or your people . Funny how that works


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