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The Telegraph
– The children of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas were celebrating. With just two days left before the summer holidays, the 7-10-year-olds were dressed in their finest clothes and fun shoes to enjoy a “Footloose and Fancy” themed day at school. The school’s end-of-year celebrations had included a visit to the zoo and a “gifted and talented showcase”. Tuesday was awards day, when the school’s pupils received certificates for the end of the school year.

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  1. Weapons don’t kill people .. people do. I still after 8 years say the same thing

    Hire retired military to guard the schools. The joke we have in office has body guards, why can these kids have one?
    Blame the parents and the video game manufacturers for the way these woke kids are being raised. Not the weapon manufacturer.

    • I agree with the hiring of retired military and retired police officers, there are many of these men and women even who offered to volunteer to help keep these kids safe. This should not be a debatable issue.

  2. Nobody is addressing the elephant in society.. The way children are raised today, It is opposite of a century ago. For example. So many children today are not even told when their goldfish dies. The parents run out and buy another before the child has to “deal with ” the loss. We , on the other hand held a funeral for it , and discussed death. We were expected to attend services when Grandma passed. Today most kids have never even been to a wake, a funeral, a memorial.. Too traumatizing but no issues whatsoever with the blood and guts and porn of video games. We were never given awards for getting out of Kindergarten, grade or middle school. The big one that was the key to adulthood was the “sheepskin” or the High School diploma. You were expected to be criticized by your teachers, parents, and yes, peer group and you developed this prehistoric skill called “coping mechanisms” My parents had no problem telling me we couldn’t afford some piece of junk I thought I couldn’t live without. Today, I’ve heard parents say they don’t want the kid to worry about money. If not now, when? They expect the world on a silver platter. You listened to the facts and you dealt with it. Sometimes it got scrappy, but NOBODY went and got a gun. Childhood is prep school for the realities of adult life. Not an exercise in placing BLAME. We have eliminated that step in the so called growth of our kids. The world does NOT treat a person the way Mom and Dad did and the shock of reality sets them into depression, unrealistic expectation and rage… This kid, the shooter, sounds like he had not a snowball’s chance in hell, if TV reporting is accurate. Mom a druggie, he was allowed to drop out of school, move in with elderly, tired, grandparents, work when and if he pleased, was bullied for his speech and appearance and had no involved person in his life to teach him to counter this.. We have all been there. At some point we have all been in a disadvantaged situation and it was a learning ground to prep us for life. Sort of like basic training, if anyone still remembers the draft and military service. It is preparation for a harder path to follow, a way to harden a person to the negative and help them establish a positive , empathetic side at the same time. A balancing act, but we “oldies” were able to accomplish this due to the way WE WERE RAISED.

    • Well said!!! You have hit the nail right smack dab on the head!
      Kids are so far removed from the realities of life they don’t have a chance to be prepared for adult life. They either live with drug dealing, or drug induced parents that don’t care about them and don’t know normal; or they live with overprotective parents that keep them shielded from the realities of life. Most have never been taken to Church, much less taught about the Love of God and/or the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for their eternal salvation. Every Child needs to hear Jesus Loves You. It is no wonder that perverted teachers have the influence to turn them into transgender homosexual nuts.

  3. As a concerned citizen, I want to know why the back door of the school was not locked. Why wasn’t an armed resource officer in the school to protect these children? Who is responsible for these glaring omissions?

  4. They are saying a Teacher had propped it open… never said why. My guess is it was probably hot and she was wanting to circulate some air in the building. At least that’s why we use to prop open doors & open the windows in our UN-airconditioned school back in the day!

  5. yep, the queers taking over all our schools has ruined the children ?? why would you let nuts who do not know what they are teach at schools ?? QUEERS ARE DESTROYING THE WORLD ALL OVER, 100% AGAINST “GOD” THEIR MASTER IS satan !!


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