Such An Embarrassment To Our Country And The World



The world press is far more honest than the corporate garbage we have in America.

It was a waste of our taxpayer dollars, and just so Biden could take a brief vacation…!


  1. The entire world knows that joke Biden is and not the true President.
    It is the left mainstream news that is still “ protecting” and supporting this fraud.

  2. Biden, Harris and Pelosi all three need to be grounded. None of the three need to represent the United States around the world, all of them are mentally unstable and corrupt, therefore being a danger to us rather than helping in any way. All are completely incompetent liars and should stay right here on American soil. Of course none have yet found their way to the southern border where they are needed and to fulfill their oath of office to work for the people instead of selling us out. They are TRAITORS. To put it on a lighter level, they are duds from beginning to end and We the people are suffering, we are sick of the crap in Washington, we are embarrassed with the swamp creatures betraying us and showing the world their stupidity. The strongest, most beautiful, once the most prosperous and respected place on the face of the earth, torn apart, weaker and a laughing stock today.

    This truly hurts my heart, boggles my mind and makes me very nauseous and scares me to death!


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