Scary. Joe Biden Completely Loses Train of Thought, Stops Talking During MSNBC Interview



He should be forced to take a cognitive test. Pelosi would have invoked the 25th Amendment if President Trump demonstrated half that mental deficiency

What that answer tells me that Biden is not going to finish his first term… damn that is just tragic… we are just getting so used to it which is damn scary..


  1. Under the lack of Biden corrupt leader ship we have lost control of our borders, our energy industry, our economy. our freedoms. our status as a world leader, out of control crime, illegal drug issues, we still have inflation shortages, still no diapers, baby food, we are deeper in debt then ever before, now is the time to return our lost values, have our Country go back to it’s law an order policies, safety for our families. Return our military to the status they have earned Our Nation under God deserves no less. Vote these radical democrats out of office and keep them out.

  2. His phone has been ringing off the hook, as Garland/Wray are trying everything they can with the expert “Hillary” trying to make all those transactions and Tony Bobilusky dissapear. It seem’s that all Hillary want’s to do is watch Hunter’s “action movies” with Svetlana, Ursula and Gone Broke Soon. Hillary didn’t know how to power wash a laptop with Bleach-Block? Garland told MaGoo he doesn’t know how much longer he can keep those Senators. Grassely and Johnson off!

  3. As I said a month ago Joe and the gang are setting things up for Harris to move on up you think it bad with Joe Cackles will be much worse

  4. U won’t make it through your first term, much less a second.U are a total disgrace,and embarrassment to america and the world.U are mentally unfit,totally incompetent, and a danger to all americans, and our national security.Dr jill needs to put u in a nursing home, before she is arrested for elder abuse.


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