Pfizer Unable To Finish Press Conference As Spokespeople Keep Collapsing



The Pfizer representatives hearts exploded from joy. It was hard to contain their excitement for the vaccines

I can’t believe how selfish that janitor is for not vaccinating. His actions caused all those poor Pfizer reps to faint out of pure shock


  1. Did you know California made it legal for adults to have sex with 14 year old children and decriminalized sex with children under 14 as long as the children consent.

    Biden’s child molesting behavior is the norm for the democrat party.

    Take your children to disneyland and get the legally raped. what a fun summer vacation!

    • R.B.G. that used to be on the Supreme Court advocated for adults having sex with 10 year olds as I recall. Joes own son Hunter called his dad a pedo (child predator). So you can see why Joe Biden embraces anything other than a heterosexual and if that person is White… forget about it.

  2. I know many people who have taken the pfeizer vaccine healthy before serious health issues after. They all wish they hadn’t taken it. Hey people you have one body. Once you have the jab you cant take it out. No vacations or other reasons to take it is worth it.

  3. Had vaccine and three boosters. Have had COVID three times. 75 years old was in good health when i got COVID AND THE VACCINE MAY HAVE SAVED MY LIFE “BUT”, All my bottom teeth i had 12 LEFT went bad at the same time. have 4 more left to pull then bottom dentures. Never had calcium problem but last 3 blood test low and now i take calcium pills!! ???????????

  4. Funny but probably some truth to this. I knew in my soul this was a nefarious deal all the way around. After reading much in the very beginning I knew it was an intentional lab leak and that big Pharma was making a ton of money etc. etc.. The democrats and WEF wanted to stop DT at all costs.

  5. The truth is these shots are poison,kind of like fentinal,we have all been lied to,and are still being lied to.Would u take something,that u knew was going to kill u.Of course not. Be very careful,it’s your life.

  6. We were and still are, in between a rock and a hard place. How do you not have faith in certain vaccines when the Salk vaccine irradicated Polio in the 50’s? Do you know any vaccinated person who has had it? Kids still pretty much get the same medication today. It continues to be rampant in Pakistan and Afghanistan where they are not willing to vaccinate. We are letting them enter our country and after Biden abandoned them when we ran like rats from a sinking ship, getting out of there and are now actively importing Afghanis who gave us assistance. (stupid- are they bringing it back to us?) How many cases of Polio have you seen? I had childhood friends in the 50’s who were in leg braces and they were the lucky ones who weren’t in a damn Iron Lung.. (look it up). I don’t dispute that the CDC, FDA jumped the gun without adequate research, based on their greed and hiding a lot from us, but what decision does one make? Based on what? With a family to care for, others dependent on you, how do you choose? We saw the effects of Polio in our peers, FDR, our president got it when he was 29 and lived in a wheel chair. It was real, and had real , devastating outcomes. We were witnesses. We saw folks die, just like with COVID. Nobody wants Uncle Sam dictating our lives, but… come on…. Uncle is shtting his pants over COVID, but stands there with his finger up his @$$, watching Fentanyl kill thousands and does nothing… WE UNDERSTAND FENTANYL. We had not a clue about the source, the effect and the outcomes of COVID , including its treatment, thanks to the shadow government pushing us endlessly. . Stop judging those who chose differently than you based on numerous different reasons and When did our government not screw us over in the new World Order that the Left is pushing? We are still afforded the RIGHT to choose. We can choose gender, pronouns, men to wear a dress and lipstick, and we have to kiss their asses? But if we choose a vaccine , we are a pariah? NO. Get your ducks lined up… CHOICE people, Its what this once great country was founded on, Freedom. Living our lives in our own way, for our own reasons without imposing it on others… It used to be a reason to live in America and now we hide it behind closed doors and yet teach kids to J-off and give BJ’s in grade school ? WTF? If I were young, I’d be heading for remote Yukon or Alaska, where I could live in true freedom. Isolated from the extremes on BOTH sides.


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