Pelosi’s Husband Wrecks His Porche, Gets a DUI, Then Says This…


Image from video below…

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– From reports, According to reports, Paul Pelosi, age 82 and Nancy’s husband of close to 60 years, was arrested at 11:44 pm on Saturday night.

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Let me guess , he said that Republicans are racist and that it was Trumps fault ? 😂😂

Why isn’t he driving an electric car? Doesn’t Nancy want everyone driving electric? Probably not cool enough for him.

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  1. Heavy buden to carry inside trading, Jim Biden i’m not the fixer, joe is fxxxing crazy, two point eight million in back taxes owed? fix that, the oversight people in congress will be looking into all that and more, biden family pots of gold made flying around on the tax payer, dollar to do what? Don’t know anything, have not seen anything, don’t know why Hunter keep giving us money.

  2. But nancy pelosi showed us her two giant refrigerators full of ice cream. She said they never drink.

    Nancy was lying again.


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