New Study on Electric Cars Shocks the Entire Car Industry


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I hate when companies claim “to go green” and “protect the environment” but then they don’t allow us to repair our devices and we’re forced to buy entirely new devices.

I might have missed it, but you didn’t seem to mention repair-ability, cost of repairs, and that Tesla has denied repairing older models. People who want to hold on to their gas powered cars shouldn’t have no where near as much of an issue getting parts and service done on them. With Tesla and other EVs the owner can’t just go to their local Scotty for great service at fair prices. They almost might not be able to order just the part that need replaced without ordering the entire assembly around it. Even worse they might not be able to get that part at all.


  1. Just saw that GM is coming out with their electric pickup truck in 2024. $107,000.00 starting price. Why would anyone pay that for a pickup truck? Sure, couldn’t use it like a pickup truck was intended to be used for that price. Then they brag it will go as far as a gas engine between fill ups but fail to mention with a gas engine a person can fill up the truck, use the bathroom and get a quick bite to eat with drink in less than 20 minutes. How long will it take to recharge the electric pickup truck? 20 Hours?

  2. What happens to historic classic cars and motorcycles ? (i.e. Ford Model ‘T’s, BSA’s, Triumphs, Nortons & Harley Davidson enthusiates)

  3. Wait until the “Big 3” lose all their stockholders over “Bribem’s Folley”. This killing our oil industry and causing high inflation is brought on by this compromised/corrupted family. They can’t even get these things to charge unless they sit for hours. Look what happened when they got wet in Florida during Hurricane Ian: Got saltwater on the underbody and started smoking and then burned to the road! These things are firetraps. Bribe’m is on the take with Chyna and everywhere else, using his son as his compromising/corrupt ambassador/sales rep. Those protecting them will be the first impeached after Novembe(R). Get this “New World Order” bunch out!

  4. They can’t even keep the power supply
    up for everyday needs so plug in another
    power grabber and what does that do for
    everyday power needs they can stick the
    EV where the sun don’t shine.

  5. I have read that the EV’s in South Florida that were overcome by IAN. The Salt Water destroyed the batteries at a cost between 20 K and 40K. That is a lot of money since you have lost much in the storm and you have to pay the difference between what the INS company pays and the contractor charges.

  6. Where we are living is a nightmare when we have a hurricane or just a heavy rain the streets flood up to the level of the engine and we have to get it dried off. When an electric engine gets flooded it is KAPUT….. We live in Louisiana and on the Gulf of Mexico and we are going to be done when we have electric cars and deep flooding. Thanks electric vehicle fans.


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