New Patriot Militia Group EXPLODES Across The Nation!!!



Isn’t it interesting that there are no corrupt Democrats in jail, while there are many innocent Republicans rotting in jail!

Everyday Joe Biden shows us what a great president Trump was!


  1. People want to be critical of Trump, but he is the True President!

    I remember when gas prices were below $2 a gallon and now look at where we are!

    Mr. Poopypants is a total disaster and should be removed from office.

  2. Ever notice how when dems give out money American citizens don’t get any of it. At least when repubs give away money citizens at least get to whet their beak

  3. and I know so many illegals that are getting their rents paid by foundations that fall for their lies, especially from Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and them some.. Childrens family agency, at 402 nw 2nd Ave., Miami, if a news crew would go there and film with a reporter, there would be thousands everyday asking for money for illegals, and then at the 14 nw 12th ave., miami hospital for childrens with cancer, which those social workers are getting their share.

  4. All the Dems who want to run in 24 are taking a page from Biden’s book. Newsome in California is pushing to “give” blacks five million dollars EACH for reparations for what?????? Also they can buy a house for one dollar… OK,,, you freebie, free -loading idiots… Sound familiar? Binden promised the same group a sht-load of freebies and they are still scratching their @$$es and haven’t figured out that they got played in order to squeeze a vote out for Jellyballs Joe. Now Newsome is playing the same BS game to the same dependent, welfare, “never stand on your own two feet” crowd and these morons are buying in. As long as they get more free goodies from the Whites that they despise, they can keep on with their “you owe me” ideation. Parasites, babies, whiners and a burden on America. And the Left? The never -ending tit.

  5. This Militia is the modern version of Sam Adams and the crew at the Green Dragon Pub. Sam Adams, Dr. Joseph Warren, Paul Revere and their friends at the Green Dragon Pub were the first to stand against the tyranny of the Crown. When General Gage took over the Governor of the Colonies job, the first thing he did was call Sam’s cousin John Adams in and tell him if he and the crew at the Green Dragon did not submit to the edicts of the Crown he would take everything they owned and their ability to earn a living from them. Strange how history repeats itself isn’t it.

  6. I have noticed that lately there are not very many ultra extreme left wing radical leftists: liberals/progressives/democrats writing comments.

    I guess it is hard to defend the indefensible.

  7. I have a problem with this video. It’s ONLY the dummycrats that condoned and even participated in one form or another help the punks in Antifa/BLM. There were a few RINOs who sat on their hands and said nothing but for the most part the republicans condemned the rioting. As for the militias, these started springing up in the late 1970s but thanks to shit like Bill Clinton they greatly expanded. The expansion continued under Oboob and now under poopypants senile stupid Joe. MTG is right! We need a national divorce or we’ll end up with a shooting civil war.


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