Lightfoot Loses Her Mind When Someone Questions Her… Watch!


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Charlie Kirk – Lori Lightfoot LOOSES it When Someone Questions HER Truth

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She says you have free speech out on the street but NOT in her press conference. If you have questions and her answers are lies she can just tell you that you are full of crap and kick you out. I really don’t like Democrats.

“You will not speak the truth in here!” These people want to rule over you, not govern.

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  1. This is what a liberal, democrat, progressive dictator crackhead looks like.

    Why do idiots vote for these democrats anyway?

  2. I just can’t understand how anyone with at least half a brain could vote for these brain dead college educated idiots.
    I try to do as much research as possible before I decide and then go with my best weather Rep or Dem.
    But the last few years the Dems have gone completely APESHIT
    They need to get off their ass support and defend the constitution like they swore to and do their dam job

  3. Not really Lightfoot but in reality Lightbrain. She is truly representative of the Democrat party and what they espouse. There is NO Democrat fit to hold elected office.

  4. Correction: Lori Lightfoot LOSES it…

    Did you actually graduate from grade school using incorrect grammar?

    • Today’s “journalists” are poorly educated and use so many slang words in their reporting. Why would anyone expect them to know and use proper grammar and language, forget about spelling. Did you know that “nother” is a word now? In Denver the 12 year old anchors all say
      “nother” use “drop” a lot to indicate present. I’ve noticed that there is a new trend to insert an “h” into simple words like “street”, which is now “shtreet” , or “stray” is now “shtray” Even the older reporters have taken it up. I call it mush mouth. I think it stems from Ebonics. Welcome to the new world of Hip-Hop news

  5. just a loser from the get go, elect her out and then investigate her behavior while in office, and then jail her and but her away for 20 yrs NO PAROLE and banned from politics for ever .

  6. LOL…she was so angry her head was shaking…LOL!! I remember when, during the leaked conference call, Alderman Ray Lopez called her for lack of police response to the riots that were trashing downtown businesses and she lost her temper and started cussing at him!!

  7. They could have labeled this: “when crackhead attack”.

    Why is it that every single democrat is either a complete dictator, a crackhead, demented, or a pervert? Can’t there be any nice reasonable democrats?

    Well I guess there are. Tulsa gabbard, pretty reasonable.

  8. Well you must understand the Dem mind. Lori Lightbrain and the entire left are all living in what they think is a dictatorship where they are all mini Stalins. No opposition will be tolerated.That explains why they push for a ministry of truth. You Lib faithful are going to be very sad when they make everyone into peasants with zero rights. Think of it as the United States of Venezuela.


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