Kari Lake GOOD NEWS from Supreme Court!



If this case is not heard, and she doesn’t prevail, it’s time for the American People to come up with a backup plan. We can’t tolerate all branches of this once Great Republic to be completely corrupt.

She has the people behind her. That’s what gives her her drive. Knowing what we know about Arizona in 2020 and 2022. It’s time to put Hobbs to pasture.


  1. I fully support Ms. Lake’s efforts. I believe she is correct in her assertions. At least since 2020, if not before, our elections have been compromised. This must be fully exposed and corrected.

    • I agree! Sense I remember a Trip that XPres. Obama took to Venezuela to visit the Pres. there! There had been an Election and the Dictator Won even though the PEOPLE HATED HIM AND WANTED HIM REMOVED! So my theory is that Obama leaned of the Deminion Voting Machines at that time and then quietly put them in place hear in the USA! To the LA Times did an Ariticle about 8 yr’s ago on how The Press Controls the Elections and they were referring to Yep Venezuela!

  2. I have said all along that Kari Lake was correct in her assessment of the Corruption in Arizona. I believe that Katie Hobbs should be arrested and prosecuted, for her actions with regards to the Corruption of the General Election for Governor. Hobbs is now being investigated for crimes of money laundering of a Mexican Drug Cartel. When will it stop? It will stop when the highest Court in America gets involved and puts a stop to this CORRUPTION, by the Far Left Liberal Democratic Party.

  3. When i was young and started to vote there was 1 day voting no mail in no extra days to vote it should go back to that it was more honest back then

  4. yes vote on election day
    this is why it’s called DAY
    and not months prior and mail in ballots
    in person with ID


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