Kamala Incites Outrage with Blatantly Anti-White Remark


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Kamala Harris sparking outrage for her comments about using equity in distributing Hurricane Ian relief through FEMA.


So much for Biden/Harris bringing everyone together!

The “lowest income communities” are actually in the white Appalachian.


  1. Coomalla is the most ignorant, racist, vp America has ever had, she is a total incompetent,joke,who needs to be removed, with senile,old, puppet,Joe. America can’t survive with dumb and dumber.

  2. This is what we have running our Country. Racist anti-American , It is time for a change . We need to get back our Nation. Democrats have to go.

  3. Its what Joey the diaper king promised his followers who put him in office. This is his payback, the dumbest, dullest , worst he could get his hands on. It shows those who live in certain areas that you have to do nothing but be born with a certain color, and you have it made if Joe is in power. Oh come on……. How many affirmative action jobs are given to non AAs ? NONE, how many scholarships, government loans, AND jobs etc are provided to them based on Color? Work at the VA and have a look… OMG… and you think Kamala is a disaster?

  4. First off. Aren’t we all people of some color?? This is just another way for the Left to stoke racist divisiveness!! Just one more thing to make me realize why I left the DNC (Divisive, Nitwit, Commies), My name for the DNC. I firmly believe they will do and say anything to divide the entire Country. I guess they figure if they put us all in different categories eventually, we’ll turn on each other. Not going to happen Kamala. We are the UNITED States of America.

  5. There you go, now owe up to the poor white folks in the Appalachian like you said. Help the lower class first. They have the most to lose and most in need. be true to your word, or show the country what a piece of crap you really are. Yea I say it, and what ???

  6. Funny how she thinks she can confuse us between ‘equity and equality. The DEMONrats have been doing this for decades. Ex. Immigrants instead of ILLEGAL ALIENS.


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