Justin Bieber is suffering from a rare neurological disorder


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Sky News Australia – Singer Justin Bieber has canceled shows revealing he’s being treated for Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which is a rare neurological disorder.

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Its the needlework. The odds that his 25 year old wife has a stroke a few weeks ago and now he has this are near zero. Two perfectly healthy, young kids, who had no risk, suddenly having these conditions is not a coincidence.

Hope the young man gets better. His wife too! Isn’t it Weird though? There are a record number of young healthy men and women dropping d.ead with heart attacks and blood clots. Also weird health conditions such as this are developing in young people out of nowhere. I wonder what the heck is going on? It’s truly a mystery, eh?

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  1. This “syndrome” is no different from Bell’s Palsy.. It is not terminal, it wont kill you. It is annoying but treatable. It boggles the mind that millions of people survive this “horrible crisis” without comment or much fanfare, but because its attached to some “celeb” we have to weep and wail over it.. Who really cares? Maybe we need to keep track of his bathroom habits and sleep habits as well, in this world of real tragedy and danger we have to be sidetracked by this every day, basic nobody who has been insinuated into our culture for being a lucky, stupid kid who had a good publicist.

  2. My first thought is I bet they were both vaxxed!

    As to the reference of Bell’s Palsey that is an inflammation of the 7th vagus nerve. I have had it twice, same side each time. First time I got back to normal in about 6 wks. Second time was a bummer, 20+ years later my left eye is smaller, cheek is puffed, and smile is really crooked. It is quite noticeable and sooo frustrating! I feel for him and pray he heals completely.


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