Joy Behar Ripped By Locals Over Trump Comments: ‘This Isn’t About Politics’



Joy Behar needs to be held accountable for the dangerous things she’s been saying.

“He(Trump) placed someone with close ties to the chemical industry in charge of the EPA’s chemical safety office”
Yes, that’s what you do… You appoint someone with a level of expertise to run the office. Why is that controversial?
Would she rather Trump have appointed someone with almost zero experience in handling chemicals to head the EPA’s chemical safety office? I forget you don’t need actual job qualifications in this clown world. You just need to be the right color and sexual orientation. No experience needed.


    • Maybe had the Congress tried to really help him Instead of trying to convict him of something that wasn’t true, and trying to criticize him on everything. Just maybe we might have got something done.

    • I guess you must EAT or Drive a Car!

      Are you pleased with the current IDIOT in charge, who has caused everything in this country to rise in price!

      Go Ahead, you can Hate Trump too, but, America was a thousand times better off when he was in office!

    • Because he’s the only one who knows how to get things done for AMERICA not UKRAINE!!
      And in case you missed it he broke the ALGORITHM that the DUMBASSCRATS had already RIGGED! They thought they had it in the bag. Well you just can’t fix STUPID. Obviously you already know that.
      By the way he broke it twice.

    • Cynthia it must be hell being you. Under President we had a GREAT economy and no other country f**ked with us, You need to take a good look in mirror and see what to total asshole really looks like. SMD

  1. Cynthia he was put in the office because REAL Americans wanted a POTUS who loved the country, veterans and the constitution. Unlike you, who it seams, prefers a traitor, liar, anti constitution, anti America POTUS like Biden. Be well and ask the Lord for help.

  2. These people haven’t seen the worst of this yet. 15, 20 years from now we may witness the brutal outcome of this disaster.

  3. TDS is a dumbocrap,disease with no cure. And sick,hypocrite,motormouth,joyless behar has a severe case of it, with her co=hurts that are as dumb as her,also have it bad.No cure,head explodes. Cartoons soon.


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