Jill Biden Publicly Humiliated After Appearing On CNN In Desperate Act To Put Out The Dumpster Fire



Calling Jill Biden a doctor is like calling CNN “the most trusted name in news.”

Wow! She is a real genius isn’t she? She is barely smarter than Joe.


  1. She sho’ have a lotta’ luv.. Hunter, Kamala’s hubby… But, if you had to crawl into the rack with Diapered Joe? A girl gotta’ do what a girl gotta’ do. Just sarcastic, as they all deserve each other.

  2. My question is this? How can we call Jill Biden AKA an Adulterous a 1st lady when she is totally involved in the corruption of her current family? Not only that, but it is Obama and Soros including gates that is destroying our country.

  3. Every Federal Agency is totally corrupt and needs to be dismanteled in its entirety and re-organized. All of those that participated ion the corruption of these Fedeeral agencies should get lif in prison or put in front of a firing squad for treason.

  4. Jill for what every she may be or not be is 5 steps higher than that POS Michelle Obama who hates White people

  5. So the first adulterer said a lot of prays for old poopypants senile stupid Joe. Even Lucifer receives prayer. Don’t believe me, just ask old drunk hag Pelosi. She also prays to him.

  6. Jill is no different than the thing she is married to and his kids. All are liars, law breakers. thieves. and traitors. All should be standing against a wall or hanging from a tree. How come Joe has not had the White House demolished and a new one built where hi home is. After all it was built be an honest American, George Washington.

  7. I was a demo all my life, The demo party toay is the most corupt party now that i’v ever seen. and the unions have joind them. Is it wrong that a sit in union offeser makes 4 times more then the men that pay there salery ??????????????????

  8. As any PhD. The doctorate in education is a joke, and held in high disdain by real PhDs who really do research. Read her doctoral dissertation. It is notable for the poor writing and grammar, poor thesis, poor everything. It is a joke.


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