If you thought DAVOS Was Scary – WATCH THIS Next Level SH*T!!!


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Russell Brand
– Original Davos, the Bilderberg Group is back after two-year pandemic gap. With elites from the world of politics, media, Big Tech, business in attendance, is this the time for yet another notoriously secret meeting between the world’s most powerful people?

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I wish all news could be this straightforward and entertaining

These Klaus impersonations petting a make believe cat are hilarious!

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  1. They are creating diseases to make us sick weaken us they are purposely planning food shortages and they are taking the guns not to stop gun violence but to disarm us. They are out numbered by 400 million gun owners in this country. They cannot bring in the United Nations and take over this country unless they weaken us as much as they possibly can. The fake global warming is man made by HAARP which is at the university of Anchorage Alaska. Where they use high frequency sound waves to alter the weather. As proof of this before hurricane katrina there has always been 2 to 3 some years as many as 6 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico every single year. But after hurricane Katrina the hurricanes just stopped. Why because they were using these sound waves to push the storms out of the Gulf of Mexico. Until Trump got in office then the hurricanes magically returned to the Gulf of Mexico. Now Biden is in office and the hurricanes have stopped again. Just like the mass shootings which there were only 8 under Bush 8 under Clinton 372 under Obama 4 under Trump and now More than 22 under Biden and rising. The democrats are planning these mass shootings so they can disarm the population because it’s so much easier to take over a country when they don’t have weapons to defend themselves with. That way the United Nations can just move in and take over without firing a shot. That’s what the transgender movement is all about a man who thinks he’s a woman is easily conquered also the puberty blockers they are trying to give children are the same drugs they give to prisoners who are convicted of sexual assault. These drugs cause chemical castration. A weak society is easily conquered. They are going to microchip everyone and that will become your money. They have microchips smaller than a grain of sand. You can look it up. Once they inject these under the skin they can track you by satellite. If you don’t do exactly what they say they just turn off your microchip and you can no longer buy food or anything else. Total control. Total slavery. Total world domination. Everyone will be sold into the sex trade. Which will make them trillions of dollars. Not billions trillions of dollars. And in the end this is an extermination. There are to many people in the world. We are using up all our resources much to quickly. They want to bring the population down to 500 million world wide. Which is about how many billionaires and multimillionaires there are in the world. The rest will be exterminated by starvation war death showers which is why China has concentration camps built already as we speak ready to start exterminating all of us.

  2. The so-called justification of the actions being planned and already tested by globalist billionaires and groups such as WHO, NIH, NATO, WEF in controlling the global population will be under the guise of WORLD PEACE. In the last days they will cry,
    PEACE, PEACE, but there will never be any PEACE. Not all nations will conform. Evil has been unleashed upon the earth and is being fed by the love and control of money.


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