Biden is ‘so excited’ he ‘can’t even talk’ after midterms


US President Joe Biden “got so excited, he can’t even talk” after the midterm elections, says Sky News host James Morrow.

“Nor can he remember whether the current war du jour is in Iraq or Ukraine,” Mr Morrow said.


The fact that Fetterman won is disturbing

Biden did better than I expected. I cannot believe people still voting for Dems.


  1. Poopypants senile stupid Joe can hardly talk at any time. The only reason the stupid old pile of shit is excited is that he figured out by some states keeping the fraud machine in place there’s no chance of him being impeached. But heard this morning the old sewer rat might have covid. I’m rooting for covid!

    • You are absolutely right! The only way the dumocraps “won” was by fraud – just like last time. Hopefully the GOP actually got the House, and they can stop all his ridiculous spending. Since he hates fossil fuels so much, all the government vehicles should be grounded – no helicopters, planes, SUVs, etc. Bumbling bidum and his buddies should have to use only non-fossil fuel transportation. That means walk, bicycle, horse (if they could find one). Maybe then that jackass would realize that everything uses fossil fuels of one kind or another.

    • Wilddog, though I agree with you that Biden is just a senile old fart who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground I’ve come to the conclusion that much of Biden’s speech problems are done on purpose. I’ve heard him give speeches when he wants people to understand him and he’s quite clear. Other times when he simply doesn’t want to be understood he mumbles.

  2. Biden couldn’t even Talk? whats newsworthy about that ? he hasn’t spoken s single intelligable sentence in fifty years of “public service” which he deems to be getting rich off of the People and inhibiting freedoms.

    • Rick, do you really think that guy has given “public service” for 50 years? That guy would lie when the truth would do more good. For all those years Biden’s been in “public service” all those years for just one reason. Whatever is in it for HIM. He doesn’t give a hoot about this country or the people in it. He’s proven that time and again. In my opinion Biden’s third in command of this country. George Soros, then Barak Obama and then Biden. They’re all bent on destroying our country and are getting away with it.


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