America is Suffering and Kamala Makes a Big Announcement…


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– Gary Franchi From reports, Vice President Kamala Harris has announced the Biden Administration’s plan to send an extra $1.9 Billion to companies operating in South and Central America to try and stem a coming border surge.

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We need to take care of our own people and country FIRST, not any other country! What is wrong with this administration??? Mind blowing! God’s blessings. 💜🙏

Shows how over taxes Americans are when we can just send foreign countries billions of dollars and never hear of them paying a single penny back 🤯

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  1. For each million dollars spent by the American taxpayer, about 3 cents will reach the pockets of those truely in need….maybe 2 cents.
    So about $100 will reach the several millions of hungery peoples in those countries…..from Americas taxpayers!!!!…..Comprenda??


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