A Report By The FBI Reveals Actor Alec Balwin Pulled The Trigger


A report by the FBI reveals actor Alec Balwin pulled the trigger on the Rust film set where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed.


  1. So the FBI proved wimpy Alec killed a person. Because Alec is a wimpy dummycrat just like the wimps running the FBI he’ll get “house arrest” for one week as punishment.

  2. Did we really need an FBI report to tell us that Baldwin pulled the trigger? This horse’s hind end most assuredly pulled the trigger. He must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  3. Yeah, we knew that a year ago. The headlines when it happened were something like “Alec Baldwin kills director on movie set”.

  4. He, though I cannot for any reason understand why, other than he is a democrat and publicly shoots off his big mouth against Trump, is considered an elite, and as such will have nothing done to him at all. Were this to have been a person of color, or Asian, or oriental descent, or any other that was killed, there would be much talk and coverage. However, since she was white and he is an elitist, liberal, leftist, scum of the earth, nothing will be done

  5. Just punishment for an elite; no movie making for 6 months, cannot have parties bigger than 100 attendees; MUST continue assault, oops truth remarks, against Trump.


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