Who Destroyed Nord Stream 2? Watch the Tape, You Decide



Obama has become very bold now that he has Biden as his front man!

Black times for Europe , for not heeding sound advice from Trump . Lessons learned are like bridges burned .


  1. WW111 coming thanks to puppet Joey. I can’t believe Putin would blow up his own gas line – WHY. It’s a money maker for him and shutting off the pipeline would have the same effect as destroying it. Putin not a stupid man so shutting it off makes more sense. Who, did it, I don’t know but it doesn’t look good for the USA after Joey told the news he would destroy the line.

  2. I think its pretty clear who destroyed the pipe line as Biden got on the News Media and told the whole world he was going to do it, and it was done, I mean, Joe has over and over threw the United States under the bus, destroying our face to the world, sick old pervert, and a treason to the United States and at the worse time ever sold our gas reserve to our enemies, CHINA, and solid evidence of Joe and Hunter Biden was ripping the united States off years back when old Joe was VP,, Joe has destroyed America with little hopes of return,, News Media Mob tells America Joe Biden is coming up in Polls, what a big fat lie, he is steady going down to be the worse President ever in America History, Do not believe none of these last days to election poll lies the news media is pushing to influence votes, the Mob at work, and the voting polls need to be watch, Pelosi is already set up to rig them, master mind of corrupt in the white house,,
    Remember, God loves you,


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