White ER Doctor Run Over & Stabbed To Death By Black Man Yelling Racial Slurs About White Privilege!



As a Mexican born I am really tired of all the racist people against white people. I’ve lived in the south (Tennessee) for over 23 years and I still haven’t seen or actually lived any discrimination against me or my two daughters.
I have learned from white people a few things that have helped me to better my self. A few white persons have helped me when I’m in need.
I blame this on the NEWS networks, on talk shows, on celebrities, athletes and on weak minded people.

Now this is what you call racism directly. There is no media spin. No outside influence. No nothing. It’s you viewing the actions of an individual & making your determination from there.


  1. Hey the black is driving a LEXIS…. WHITE privilege? He ain’t doin’ too bad, ya’ know what I’m sayin’? If they didn’t have such self hatred, they wouldn’t pay any attention to whites… The one thing they can’t get is a different skin hue… They can get Cars, NICE cars, clothes, food, great apartments, but are still pissed that a skin color doesn’t come with the genetics they were born with and no matter how much they complain, yell, whine, riot, blame and commit violent acts the one thing they want to change , they cant

  2. There you go folks, here is a prime example of the democrats beating the white privileged narrative and creating all this hate. The Blood is on there hands. We have to vote all of these maniacs out of office.

  3. I agree with both of the above comments ! If this was the other way around there would be rioting and definitely be labeled a hate crime ! But you would hear a damn thing about it, especially from the media or the race baiters or the Democrats ! That’s why we need the second Amendment to protect ourselves !


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