Watch This: Pelosi Gets EXPOSED With This ONE Simple Question…


Image from video below…

Dinesh D’Souza
– Americans want answers.

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Peloxi needs to be held accountable.. she refused more help like President Donald Trump offered..Peloxi and FBI worked together on 1/6.. they had plenty of time to plan…

We all know that she’s behind it

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  1. The fact that the government is letting her try to use this to get Trump out of the way tells you all you need to know about how honest our government really is . 3 times now to try to impeach Trump on lies but Teflon Don slid right off their lies everytime. Millions wasted and still they try . Why turkey neck Nancy and the likes of Hillary aren’t in jail for their corruption is beyond me . But then there democrats and everyone know democrats are above the law now . Till November, then things will change again till they find another way to steal the election with a new kind of fraud. Then it starts all over again and we suffer for it cause some never learn from past mistakes. Isn’t life great ???

  2. As time rolls on our government gets worse. I’d like to know what Pelosi has on persons in the congress and senate. We have spent a lot of money on trying to hang Trump by his bal*s. We are sure this is just a get even scheme by the dems. Why can we turn the emphasis on the true a-holes like Biden, Harris, Pelosi, waters, schumer, cheney and others. They have managed to tear down the legacy of Mr Trump and killed the American dream. If we used as much energy on convicting these real criminals we could fill a prison. Quit wasting our time and money and get this country back to what Mr Trump had accomplished and stop the witch hunt bullshit!


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