Watch: Biden Doesn’t Know Why He’s Going To Saudi Arabia


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The Jimmy Dore Show – Soon President Joe Biden will be headed to Saudi Arabia to meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – or at least he thinks that’s what he’s doing. Frankly, the President isn’t 100 percent sure why – or where – he’s going, but he tells Jimmy that with gas prices skyrocketing and his approval rating plummeting, petty concerns about human rights, women’s rights and who may or may not have had a journalist murdered and dismembered with a bonesaw have to take a backseat to more pressing economic concerns.

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Jimmy and Mike you two are freaking legends This bit was so damn funny

The only time he leans left is when he comes out of left field.

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  1. to waste time money and fuel and look IMPOTENT and he is a very IMPOTENT potus, may the saudis laugh in his face.

  2. Another giant waste of tax payer monies, Saudi does not give a flying fxxx about biden and his piss poor domestic cluster fxxx policies.Keep fxxxing around with the US energy policy and we will all be riding bikes, US President Biden has been criticized as “morally bankrupt”and”weak” in regard to his energy policy after it was revealed he is planning to visit Saudi Arabia to discuss the global oil crisis.SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA.this is what the world thinks of boden,most Americans see no need to disagree with that statement that his war on the American energy industry is also paid for by non American interest.

  3. This cost about 200000 an hour to do what and who with Hunter is Schedule to go with the Big Guy so maybe some thing positive will come out of it


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