Watch Apple CEO’s Face When Asked The One Question He Fears


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Melissa Chen, Kurt Schlichter, and Kyle Becker about Apple CEO Tim Cook being confronted by Fox News’ Hillary Vaughn about the changes to AirDrop that hindered communication between protesters fighting against China’s zero COVID policy.


These horrible people will never admit how corrupt their business have become.

Owning an Apple product is equivalent to wearing a Balenciaga gimp mask.


  1. I find this So rude and so arrogant. When a person asks you a question about your job they deserve an answer!! Especially when the MSM’S job is to get to TRANSPARENCY! Who the heck do they think they are that they don’t have to answer questions. Same for Biden. I miss Trump even though the MSM was cruel to him he still addressed them and answered their questions to maintain transparency to let US know what the Government is doing or not doing.

  2. I miss trump for many reasons. His policies made sense, he was the Best President we have ever had. Reagan was good, but Trump was great!

  3. Perhaps people should hit these woke companies up in the proverbial wallet. Once they see their revenues declining, perhaps they’ll understand we’ve just simply had it with the left ideology that has permeated all throughout businesses in the United States (and the world).

  4. Part of the Clinton globalization bullsht. He worried more about the welfare of the communist countries than he did with Americans, and he furthered the 1% , of course to include himself and the Hilldabeast. HE crapped all over this country

  5. Trudeaux seems to push communism. It surprised me that he does not allow people bibles. Is that one of the steps. Isn’t he trying to stop free speech?


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