The One Entity Responsible for Most Deaths & the Left Can’t Even See It | Dennis Prager


The concept of governments being responsible for most deaths might seem far-fetched or conspiratorial at first, however, a closer look into the various aspects and policies that governments implement can reveal an interesting connection between state actions and fatalities. It is essential to take an unbiased approach to understanding how governments contribute to death counts through their decisions, regulations, and lack of action in certain situations.

One of the primary ways in which governments contribute to death tolls is through military engagements, proxy wars, and conflicts within and between nations. Governments often pursue strategic objectives and defend their national interests, leading to a significant number of casualties. According to data from the Costs of War Project, since 2001 alone, U.S. military action has resulted in more than 800,000 deaths worldwide.

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Dennis Prager about the importance of spreading better ideas to make a positive change in the world; the importance of the concept of limited government and the dangers of placing too much faith in big government; his thoughts on the rise of anti-Semitism; why spreading the values of the Torah is the answer to anti-Semitism; and why the survival of the Jewish people has continued despite their persecution throughout history.

The RubinReport discusses this in the YouTube video below:


I love Dennis. Conservative thought is just pure common sense, and no one has more common sense than Dennis. His mind works like a laser to get to the truth.

Wow! What a great discussion.The last part about the rabbi who lost all his children to the Nazis made me tear up. I lived in Europe from 1994-2010 and the anger and sadness from the war is still there.


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