Thailand Drops A BOMBSHELL On Pfizer, They’re PI*SED



India was the only country to reject Pfizer’s contract that came with no clinical trials and immunity to lawsuits upon side-effects. So ridiculous what other countries have agreed to.

Those contracts should not be allowed when people are dying! Of course they should be voided! These vaccine companies should be held accountable!!


  1. No wonder Bill Gates had no issues with using the American public as their beta testers. That has been their game for years. Let’s just release our op systems and apps and they will tell us the problems. No reason for them to spend their own money for testing and trials

  2. I am a retired chemist, not biochemist, who has always had a curiosity for biochemistry. I have read as much as I could find on Covid and the Covid vaccines and have always had doubts about the governments position, so much so that my wife and I have never had a Covid vaccine shot. We both got Covid once, got over it with the help of some horse medicine and religiously take the vitamins that are said to help build immunity from the virus. We do not wear maskes except to enter buildings where it is required or out of respect for people who truly believe in masks. We have friends and family that have had the jabs and we have been put in awkward positions because of it. How can you tell someone that they have probably poisoned themselves? I watch with wonder and sorrow at the number of young people and athletes that are dropping dead and chalked up as ‘died of unknown causes’. It’s a massacre committed by the rich and greedy and I hope someday they pay for it.

  3. The American people have been used as guineepigs, for untested vaccines, they were lied to about them,being told they were safe,it was all covered up,knowing how dangerous they were, untested but given anyway.People young,very young,dropping over dead,teens,young adults,college students,that were always healthy,having heart attacks,blood clots,terrible side effects, people flat out dying,from the poison vaccines.And your still fkg covering it up.Take them off the market, and quit poisoning people.Millions have died,and those who got the shots will have problems later probably,or are still dying.This government of traitor, joe is to blame.

  4. What happened to their 97% effective rating?
    What happened with the stop the spread?
    What happened to the no transmission after getting the shot?
    With all of the apparent lies, do they deserve to take the money and avoid lawsuits?
    Let’s get a public trial where all evidence for and against the vaccines.

  5. I was distracted. “Let’s get a public trial where all evidence for and against the vaccines are vetted. At the least, explain why their results suggested that there was a problem with it and they failed to give us any warning at all. When should updates be required to educate the public?


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