Rubio Responds To Migrants’ Lawsuit Against DeSantis Over Martha’s Vineyard Flight


In a video posted to social media, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) responded to a lawsuit from the migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard against Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).


This is absurd. No government and no one who enters this country illegally should have any rights in this country. It should not even be entertained by our courts. We have other matters to address that are for the people of this country. This is totally insane. It needs to stop. We also have to send a strong message to these countries that think they have a say so on how we run are own that they are not in charge. They should worry about their own and maybe ask why they are leaving.

I believe if I tried to illegally enter another country, I would be more likely to get shot in the face rather than have an opportunity to sue anyone. Pretty dumbfounding. We welcome people from other countries however let’s not get it twisted with owing anyone anything, plain and simple


  1. So we have two hispanic Americans who have dedicated their lives to making America better telling us the illegal aliens should not be treated as citizens.

    Meanwhile we have a group of ultra rich white democrats wanting to sue becuase the hispanics embarrassed the rich white people fake virtue signaling.

    Do I have this about right?

  2. If my beautiful Japanese wife had to pay every requirement to follow the rules just to get her green card, master the English language then studied her butt off to ace the citizenship test just to become an American. She held a job with committing any crime to have that right to be called an American. Then every non citizen should have to do the same. If the government just “gives” the illegals the citizenship without earning it. Then I am going to sue the US Government for all the money I spent to get my beautiful wife to become an American citizen

  3. Ambulance chancing Lawyers should be disbarred then shot. Illegals. Do they not hear the word. Illegals. Dam. I think I understand what it means. Illegal.


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