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The Jimmy Dore Show
– At this year’s seemingly never-ending World Economic Forum event in Davos, Switzerland, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla recently appeared on stage with WEF founder Klaus Schwab and the two lamented all the “conspiracy theorists” who had targeted them for online abuse. Sadly, Nina Jankowicz was not on hand to offer the two extraordinarily powerful elites relief from their suffering.

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The WEF literally could not pick a worse leader than Klaus. Talk about the optics. It’s as if Austin Powers cast the villain.

“Why do we always get blamed for the underhanded stuff we do??” – Oligarchs

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  1. Sure they are victims now both of you roll up your sleeves and get cuaght up on your vaccines. since neither of you have had any of the covid shots you both are getting 5 doses right now.

    Lets see how you feel in a week or two when your dead from a heart attack, blood clots, nerve damage, lung damage, and liver damage. If you survive those then you get to have the fun of cancer.


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