Men Can Get PREGNANT!? Candace Owens EXPOSES Marc Lamont Hill



The fact that this is even being debated truly shows how much society has degenerated.

“‘Reimagined’ my identity”. Is the key line. He said it. Not everyone wants to go along with your imagination. It’s imagination, not fact.


  1. OMG you just can’t fix STUPID!!!
    I believe years ago someone offered up a million dollars to the first biological male to have a baby, that’s never happened and never will, and if Science or biology ever figure out how to do it, than watch out God himself is going to deal with you, and your going to suffer his rath.

  2. This is crazy to fall into the trap of these Queers and degenerates! There are a lot of people in America that are wasting oxygen “AND WE NEED TO CALL THEM OUT”TAKE THEM TO THE TRAIN STATION AND SHIP THEM ON TO HADES!!

  3. Do people now have no knowledge of genetics and chromosomes? If they were not taught this, why not?
    If they believe in LGBT+ etc. (esp. T), then they apparently don’t have a clue.
    Remember there are X & Y chromosomes. Like it or not.
    There are EITHER two X chromosomes or one X and one Y chromosome in EVERY cell in one’s body. This is what determines an individual’s gender, NOT some ill defined and incorrect “preference” of the so called Trans person.

    Everyone should know this. How ignorant/stupid can some people be?

    This rant is primarily regarding the Trans group, not gays in general. The gay person is aware of which gender he/she really is, but has a sexual preference for the same sex. However, years ago some genetic testing was done which suggested that this preference was also genetic in origin (Hopkins I believe, though not sure). This was strenuously denied by the gay community and was swept under the rug.

    The most dangerous people are the ignorant.
    • Henry Ward Beecher

  4. Use other creatures as examples. Can a Stallion have a colt? Can a Rooster have a chick? Can a Bull give milk? Life is set for us all to see and teach children about since its really so easy to understand and it only takes crazy grown humans to goof it up and cause trouble.


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