Host Of The View ADMITS To Committing Voter Fraud In Shocking Statement, Mail-In Voting Helps Dems



Once again Sunny is showing us all how Democracy truly works under the Democrats.

I find it odd that 70% of Arizona votes were counted in 12 hrs and 5 days later they’re only at 90%…


  1. One person admits to voter fraud for the dummycrats, but what about all the others who DIDN’T admit to voter fraud? Dummycrats have been cheating in elections since 1960 and they’re getting more bold about their cheating to the point they don’t care if they get caught because all the dummycrats are in on the cheating and too many RINOs are willing to just sweep it under the rug. No matter who runs in 2024, that election will also be racked with voter fraud. There’s no way for this country to recover. The only option is to split the country into two separate countries. It may result in a violent civil war, but so be it. I’d rather die free than live in a communist dummycrat run state.

    • Jail Sunny for fraudulent voting and all the others. How many dead people were voted in this election by Dems? The longer corrupt, lying Dems drag out the counting of votes the more fake the ballots are! Demand recounts & all mail-in votes banned since they are falsefying them.

  2. It is extremely likely that there have been some versions of cheating by some segment of populations in every election. It could be dead people; multiple votes by the same people in different precincts; Bribing people to vote; False identities; Incompetent or dementia patients voting by mail; Ballot based fraudulent votes; Ballot “fixers”, so called, correcting voting on ballots before counting them; Lying to the public in advertising; and a host of other ways to stop a political opponent from getting a fair vote.

  3. one person one vote one day paper ballot no mail in votes, no drop boxes, counted the same day not several days or weeks in order to determine how many votes are needed to win and no Al Franken votes (the ones found in the trunk of someones car a few day later) The only absentee ballots allowed should be active military personnel


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