HOLD ON: FETTERMAN Said WHAT About Medical Records?



I am in Pa. and I defiantly won`t be voting for uncle Fester.

In a few days it won’t matter. Either PA elected Uncle Fester or Oz. If Uncle Fester is their choice I’ll be heart broken as it will rule him out for filming the upcoming ‘The Adams Family Reunion Special.”


  1. Uncle Fester had it together, and Fetterman, I don’t think so, no comparison. this is a disaster.They also elected two dead people, and they both won.One in pensilvania, one in tennessee, I like to see how this will turn out,they’ll elect anyone,insanity at it’s best.

  2. Does anyone need any more proof that there are zero intelligent liberals/ progressives / democrats?

    They are always trying to claim the are smart yet they vote for retards and dead people while we are in an economic crisis.

    The lefties are just stupid people.

  3. Biden has had two brain aneurisms and Fetterman has had a stroke. Though I’m definitely no expert on the matter it seems that either could definitely cause mental problems. In my opinion any person who runs for any elected office should undergo a complete physical, a compete mental examination and also a thorough background check. People like Fetterman, every member of either house of congress have the power to declare war and get a lot of good young Americans killed. Are we prepared for that sort of thing now? HELL NO!

  4. Are people that stupid to vote for Fetterman, OR is it that stealing elections is becoming a thing of the past? I tend to lean on the latter. Maybe it’s BOTH. I know some people who’ll vote democRAT no matter what.

  5. Has anyone here taken the trouble to look up the definition of liberal in the dictionary? I just took the trouble to do it and the so called democrats are anything but liberal. They are either COMMUNISTS or FACSISTS. Plain and simple. They don’t give a tinker’s damn about this country or the people in in. No matter what color we are, our religion or whether or we’re American citizens or non citizens who’re here LEGALLY. Those non citizens who jumped through all the hoops must now feel like a bunch of fools since they obeyed our laws.


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