Democrat Runs INSANE Commercial with Rope Around His NECK


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Timcast IRL
– Democrat Runs INSANE Commercial With Rope Around His NECK

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The problem with appealing to emotion is that, eventually, everyone becomes apathetic. Without actual policy to draw in voters, their only option is to be more and more provocative until you’ve completely desensitized your voterbase. And then they start voting for the other party…

I actually like this ad. Its a noose that he put on himself. A perfect depiction of all Identity politics

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  1. maybe a white person should run an add with a black guy shooting whites or using car to run down whites or beating asian people. then that would even the field

    • No, Dems also are playing the “anti-conspiracy” card right down to the denial that anyone ever was conceived.

  2. I thought it was against the law to display a noose especisll depicting racism. If a white or conservative would have done something similar to this you would not hear the end of it.
    Oh I’m sorry, laws are only meant to be when it involves whites !!!

  3. please please believe this is 1870 please please! I know I know its 150 years ago and my great great grandfather was in Egypt at the time but I want you to feel guilty so that you vote for me because your are stupid self hating white people.

    Do you think there were more black people lynched for being black or criminals lynched for being criminals? Who really get to hold the lynching card?

    Yeah i know blacks try to claim every card, but I am betting more criminals were lynched, especially in the western united states then blacks were lynched in the south.

  4. Ain’t it incredible. If someone don’t get what they want they try to get attention because of their race. If you really want something then work for it. It doesn’t make a bit of difference if your black, white, yellow or any other color. Your skin color has nothing to do with using color of skin to get ahead. A noose around your neck I a cowards way of getting attention!!!!!!!!


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