Caught Red Handed: Half of Biden’s Twitter Followers are FAKE…


Image from video below…

The Jimmy Dore Show
– Back when Donald Trump was President, liberals frequently accused him of inflating his Twitter follower count.

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Wow, this is shocking! I can’t believe half of his followers are real.

So were his voters in the last election.

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  1. That tells u all about the 2020 election, half his votes were fraudulent, just like his twitter followers. This senile,racist,frail,old,puppet,fool, would never get that many votes, if half of mexico voted,he never could of won the election,it was stolen. The American people aren’t stupid, and also know the election was fraudulent, and doubt the election wasn’t stolen. Hidenbiden will be impeached after mid=terms if he lasts that long.

  2. Our time is coming (midterms). If you are not happy with the way times are going,make your voice heard! Other wise shut up and smile.

    • And if they are happy with the way things are with the dems in charge, they need to bend over a little more!!!!!

  3. It will all come out in the wash. By 2005 they will all be in jail or tried for Treason and executed. Huge conspiracy starting with Obama, the Nigerian citizen, continuing with Hillary and finally ending with Creepy Joe and his entourage. With Trump in the White House and Super majorities in the House and Senate, the Green deal dead, oil production back to normal, border wall completed and border once again under control and inflation down to 1.2- 1.4% as it was in January,2020. This is the Ultra MAGA.

  4. The truth will always come out and Joke Biden did NOT win the election fair and square. He is a puppet and a liar. That is why the Dems are letting the illegals and afghans in with purses and phones with cards inside telling them to vote Democrats. They know that they cannot cheat again w the voting machine tampering


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