Breaking: Kaite Hobbs Caught In Massive Scandal Against Kari Lake – This Could Change Everything



I believe this isnt the only case it happened all over US during midterms. No way did Republicans have such a bad showing after what is going on to our Country.

We love you Kari !!! From Commiefornia. Wish you were our Governor


  1. It is my belief that Ms. Lake won the election. There was definitely conflict of interest on Ms. Hobbs part. Add the fraud evident with mail-in ballots and the malfunctioning voting machines to this mix and you get another stolen election. I encourage Ms. Lake to continue the fight. The lady has backbone, something more Republicans need, especially the party leadership.

  2. Kari Lake won the election fair and square. It’s a shame the only way dems can win is to steal an election. I pray they prosecute Hobbs and the rest of them

  3. KARI WON, definitely the legitimate votes and must be named the winner, otherwise why even have elections if the Dems are allowed to use their methods of retrieving and counting votes which are against the law and full of fraud. Do something about it NOW!

  4. Keep fighting Kari. This isn’t only about Arizona, it’s about the whole country! Now we find that Georgia has been stolen along with Pennsylvania. Stopping the election fraud has to begin somewhere and it looks like that somewhere is Arizona.

  5. It’s very likely that in Hobb’s case, she’s likely broken the law with her inflammatory communications. So back in 2020, it was Arizona where the shtf so to speak, and it’s been dejavu ever since. This definitely needs to stop. As for California, imagine the entire country in the toilet. How can those people sleep at night. And so goes the rest of the “left coast.”


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